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More christmas projects to share! And a question on sock knitting… February 2, 2010

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Leah says … Here are some other knitting christmas presents I made. These are the Maggie armwarmers from Subliminal Rabbit:

A Table Runner from a magazine with linen (love the look of linen wool!)

 and placemats for my mom with mercerized cotton. and placemats for my mom with mercerized cotton.

 and placemats for my mom with mercerized cotton:

I’m proud of myself! There are a few that I still don’t have picutres for yet they are, a pillow (my Mom is sweing it together for me) and another set of toddler armwarmers (exact same as the ones I did posted some time in May I think.) and I can truly say I honestly enjoyed knitting them, hiccups and all. The yarn for kara’s pillow was this super gorgeous chunky yarn, Twinkle by classic elite soft chunky, and my fingers were so happy to knit it- except that it was close to $30.00 a skein, and the pillow took exactly three to knit! Poor bank account! 😦

A question for you sock knitters out there. I am knitting my first pair of socks for my Pops, and after kntting the cuff and leg of the sock, I’m a little confused. These are the instructions, word for word, on the pattern:

“Heel Flap: Work 31 sts in patt, hold on N1 (heel will be worked on N2 and N3.) ”

Ok, I got that- there are three needles the stiches are on, needle one I just continue in the leg pattern, no problem.

“1 (RS): Sl1, (k1, p1) rep to end of heel
2(ws): Sl1, (p1, K1) rep to end of heel.”

Ok, heres my question: This “row 2 Wrong Side” thing- how is that possible on dpns? Aren’t I always knitting on the right side? And actually I have another question. If I always slip the first stitch, then that stitch never gets knit and it’ll start to stretch out and I don’t think thats right. Anyone have any thoughts? Am I clear on what the problem is? I might be missing something about sock knitting, I think. Actually, here’s the link to the pattern:


Please feel free to comment if you know the answer. The socks are knit with cascade yarns fixation solid, REALLY stretchy and soft. I really hope they turn out, it seems like an easy pattern to start sock knitting.

Here’s to the January blahs being almost over! Knitting sure does help with those!

Your faithful knitting blogger,



Five Christmas Projects Coming Right Up… November 19, 2009

Posted by cheryl in Cheryl, Work in Progress.
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Cheryl says… oh, it’s been a while my knitting friends! I’ve been toiling away on a few things which I won’t be able to post until January.  I’ve decided to make ALL of my Christmas presents this year, a lofty task to say the least, especially considering that I haven’t even finished one holiday project!

First, I’ll be making something using Lion Brand Cotton Ease which, as you may already know, is a personal favourite of mine.  I won’t say what the project is but here’s a hint: it’s a cable-knit pattern and it’s been heavily featured on this blog!

I’ve also picked up a project from the latest issue of Knitty.  I was going to use black and white Patons DK, but this gorgeous wool tweed is catching my eye.  I may have to make another trip to my LYS.  Hmmm….

[photo credit]

I’m  also going to be embarking on my first felting project!  I’m a little nervous and have no idea what yarn to use.  Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

As for Wil’s present …

That’s super-classified-top-secret.  Seeing as he visits this blog from time to time, that’s all I’m saying.

And now, back to the needles.  I will post more soon, providing I don’t develop a bad case of carpal tunnel.

1 dropped st scarf, 1 pair of mittens and an ipod cozy are complete. Coming up next- yoga mat bag! June 2, 2009

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Leah says… It appears I have not slowed my knitting down with the arrival of warm weather. Ummm, well living in Toronto, I can’t really say that warm weather has arrived actually, more like; made an appearance. But still, I knit on! I have completed my first christmas present, the mittens and drop stitch scarf are for a friend.


I hope that friend doesnt read this blog, but she might, so lets hope if she does she doesn’t know they are for her, and if she does know, then maybe she’ll forget by Christmas time. Anyway, one present is done. Now I’m knitting a yoga mat bag, which I am very excited about. That’s because I have bought this Passport to Prana yoga pass- google it, would you, it is such a fantastic deal!!! I’ve started yoga classes! So I’ve got my yoga mat, and in SnB Nation, there is a pattern for a bag to fit it called “Om Yoga Mat Bag” – it seems to measure VERY big (11″ diametre- who has a yoga mat that thick, huh?) so I’m knitting it to fit my own bag. (4″ in diameter)

As for the toddler mittens- the designer, bex at Colourful Designs saw the pics on my ravelry account and asked to use pictures of them on her design page of her website, cool, huh?

After the yoga mat bag, I’m back to knitting presents- two table runners (made out of linen wool, easy for summer knitting yay!!) and then, ah, gee, who knows? It is bicycle season, so J and I will be out a lot this summer, hopefully!

Stay tuned for yoga mat pics coming soon to this blog that’s hopefully near you!

My Knitting Caused a Fight! March 26, 2009

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Leah says …  Well not so much a fight, more of a snap. Picture this: Sunday night, J and I watching one of his favourite movies, Goodfella’s. I had never seen it before and what ample opportunity to get a good chunk of my knitting done, right? So of course, if any of you have seen Goodfella’s you would understand that there are a lot of characters and it is brilliantly made so that you can’t really miss a scene. I thought that by just listening to the movie while knitting and purling my baby blanket that I would get by without missing anything. Then when a certain small character gets killed, my head snapped up to the tv, and I declare, “Wait, what? When did Samuel Jackson appear in the movie?! Why did they just kill him?!” And J’s response; “Well if you stopped knitting and actually watched the movie, you would have seen where he was introduced and why he just died!!!” And I looked at J, with my big eyes and said, “Oh.” He was right. And that was the end of our little arguement, if it was even an argument. I think Justin has now accepted that I am determined to finish the projects I am working on while watching tv and movies (when ELSE am i going too, right?!) and I have accepted that I am going to miss a lot while I knit.

And it was SUCH a good movie. I’m sorry I gave away Samuel Jackson’s character getting killed, to those who haven’t seen it, but man, was I ever impressed. It has the longest ‘one take’ scene- it is SO beautifully done. I love Martin Scorcese!

Baby Blanket: Half way done!

Short and Sweet (?) March 18, 2009

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Leah says… Knitting fanatics, I am STILL on my baby blanket. After several rip outs and attempts to conquer the seed stitch, without a row or stitch counter (right now I tally the st’s and row’s in my SnB book) I am, shall we say, fed up…. but determined! The five rows I have managed to complete look good, if they do say so themselves.  That is all.

Scarves = too much time and not enough fun March 17, 2009

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Emily says... So I am going back on my scarf policy again. I had decided never to knit another scarf because they take so long. But then I started to do lacework. And it was sooooo fun! And rewarding! Every stitch went along to a pattern that was creating leaves and vines and it was all so pretty!

It stopped being fun this afternoon. I am now on my second ball and I just really want to wear this scarf already!!! I know it will all be worth it in the end, but I am growing more and more impatient….so no more scarves after I am done this one!!!

Socks and Slippers March 16, 2009

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Cheryl says … Finally – a picture of my mercerized cotton sock:

Sure it looks good and all, but as I said before, 100% mercerized cotton doesn’t work for socks. There’s no stretch whatsoever.

 AJ wasn’t impressed. He thought I could do better.

This is my second attempt. I’m using proper sock yarn and I’m quite happy with the result. The heel is finished. All I have to do is complete the foot and sock #1 is dooone!  This pattern knits up quickly and I love, love, love it!

Unfortunately, it’s going to have to remain on the sticks a little while longer. My mom’s b’day is in a couple of weeks and she’s dying for a pair of knitted slippers. I’ve decided on the Mother’s Day Cotton Slippers, and I’m using two skeins of cotton ease – one in grey and one in white. I started the heel yesterday.

This little bugger is knitting up fast!

I’ll post pics when I’m finished.

Till next time!

Operation Socks: A Glitch March 10, 2009

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Cheryl says I finished my first sock last week and it looks GREAT.

It’s a pity I’m going to have to frog it.


You heard me.

I have to rip that sock right out.

I’d like to offer a  word of advice to all you new knitters: When choosing yarn for a project, choose a yarn that will WORK with said project.

You don’t want to make a sock, for example, in a yarn that doesn’t stretch.

For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to make my sock in …



This is probably the WORST yarn to use on a sock. It has absolutely no stretch. I practically broke my arm trying to get the thing on and off of my foot.

I’m now attempting the socks again with proper sock yarn. They look fantastic, if I do say so myself. I’ll post pics as soon as I can get hold of a camera.

K1 P1 K1 P1 March 10, 2009

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Leah says… Fellow knitters, I am knitting my first baby blanket! So far, I only had to rip it out once! That is a good sign, as I seem to be adapting the ‘learning of knitting lessons the hard way’ attitude**. But this is a present for a good friend of mine who is expecting in May, and I can’t go and give her a knitted item for her 1st baby with mistakes in it, now can I? I’m working onthe seed stitch and it is 126 stitches cast on so to K1 P1 for 126 stitches in a row for 20 rows can make my brain mush.

My train of thought while I have been knitting this is: “Did I just knit or purl? Did I just knit two in a row? That’s wrong. So I have to knit now… no, I have to purl, I mean… or knit?” Sigh

As for my mitten frustrations- they are happily knit. Brian doesn’t have them yet and they are very funny looking and I laugh a lot when I see them, but I am proud and it is another completed project, with just one mistake in them. (That’s noticeable, of course.)

** My mother’s shawl- remember that? RIPPED OUT. ON HOLD. It was the wrong yarn for the pattern and was curling up at the edges and looked nice but…. was wrong. The best thing in the world about ravelry is I can search the wool I have and all the projects that people have knit with that exact type of wool come up, and there are tons of shawls and cute cardigans I have already queued. I’m waiting until next month to buy myself the proper needles. (My budget for knitting this month is done and I’m buying myself a new bike at the bike show this weekend, hopefully.)

This is Leah, your friendly knitting blogger, signing off.

Hot Pink Scarf February 21, 2009

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Cheryl says … I like to work on this scarf at our weekly Stitch and Bitch.

This yarn is SO pretty. Unfortunately I was hasty and threw out the packaging before I could write down a description.


UPDATE: Ah ha.  It’s Marble Chunky in Rosebush.