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Cotton Ease February 17, 2009

Posted by cheryl in Cheryl, Tips & Tricks, Yarn.
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Cheryl says … I love working with Cotton Ease.  It knits up beautifully, comes in great colors and best of all, it’s CHEAP. Most stores sell it for less than $5.00/50g ball.

It’s a worsted weight yarn and it’s a blend of cotton and acrylic, which means it’s soft but durable.

I’ve made a couple of scarves and wraps out of this and they are SO comfortable.  I currently have three unused balls in my stash and I’m not  sure what to do with them.  Looks like I’ll have to look for another pattern to add to my ever-expanding queue.

Click  here to learn more about Cotton Ease.


Going Continental February 12, 2009

Posted by cheryl in Leah, Random, Tips & Tricks.

Leah says … Hi, Knitters! I am currently knitting continental style, or left handed as it also is called as of yesterday afternoon, on my lunch break!! Check out you tube for very clear instructions. If you search under “knitting continental stitches” I’m sure you will find some very handy videos. Seeing as I am a new knitter, I think I’m going to adopt this style of knitting. I find it thrilling to do! I know it’s silly, but can I just express to everyone, including my fellow knitting friends Cheryl and Emily, how exciting knitting is for me? I have the tendancy to get very excited over little things in life and I hate that saying “Small things amuse small minds”. You should see me when a vacation is booked or I get a surprise present I wasn’t expecting. (Thanks for the straightening iron, J!)

Now on to my next knitting lesson: I have finished my first ball of wool and need to start another. I was talking to a fellow at work and he says that there is a way to rub the two threads together and the wool will actually bind together to form one strand. I will definitely blog about that if I learn it’s true and actually manage to do it. That’s pretty cool, and as our blogging title states, I am a cool girl who knits. Kick it! 😛