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Knit Lists and Other Things February 19, 2009

Posted by cheryl in Leah, stitch and bitch, Work in Progress.

Leah says … Tonight is our knitting circle, and I am once again really looking forward to it. I am bringing Justin’s scarf to finish, or to get really close to finishing. I’m almost done knitting it and then will learn, from my fabulous “Stitch ‘N Bitch” book, how to make a fringe for his scarf. And in all honesty, I’m very happy to have it be done! It’s a little too wide for my liking, and that is why it is taking some time. I’m so excited to start my next project- A cute little camera flash case (it is actually an Ipod case pattern that I am making in the largest size to fit the flash) and that is for Justin’s mother who is a wonderful person and an amazing photographer. That pattern is also found in the Stitch ‘N Bitch book. It’s small so I’m hoping it will not take me two weeks to knit, like the scarf has. If you haven’t heard of Stich ‘N Bitch and you are a new knitter like me, go get it! It is fabulous! The patterns are amazing, easy and Debbie Stoller, the author, teaches stitches coherently and breaks down codes and abbreviations for you that you would come across on yarn labels and patterns. This was recommended to me by Emily and thank goodness for it!

To help me organize myself and my knitting projects, I have decided to create a list. I am a “To Do” list kind of gal. My favourite part of “To Do” lists? Crossing the items off! I know it looks quite organized, but I really need to jot these things down and have something to reference or else I’ll buy wool twice for one task, and then miss another task completely. Here is my “To Knit” list:

1. Camera flash case for Pat
*I have the wool, tools and pattern
2. Mittens for Roxanne
*I have started these already and have the wool
3. Kerchief for me
*I have the wool, tools and pattern
4. Mittens for Brian
*I need wool
5. Shawl for Mom
*I have the wool, tools and pattern.
6. Scarf for Lou
*I need wool, and Cheryl- I am stealing your pattern from the pink scarf you are knitting now. Love that!!
7. ? for my sister
8. ? for my brother
9. ? for my Dad

I think that should take care of the rest of the year. My Mom’s shawl will probably take the longest.

Love the organization…. love it!!


I Heart Long Weekends!! February 16, 2009

Posted by cheryl in Emily, stitch and bitch.

Emily says… So this weekend has been uncharacteristically busy. Friday night we went out to the Bier Market downtown and then Saturday night we went over to our friends Lindy and Buddy’s house for dinner. Much alcohol and delicious food was consumed so we had two somewhat lazy days recovering! The main thing we took away from Saturday night was our strong desire to go to Nepal after hearing of trekking trips Lindy and Buddy took in Northern India a few years back. I guess we will see how those plans go….

So back to knitting! Thursday night we had a very productive knitting evening! Here are some lovely photos of us in all our knitting glory.

Our new little knitter Leah learned how to purl and how to read a basic pattern so these new skills will take her very far in the land of knitting. I had warned her not to get too ahead of herself with choosing yarn until she learned these two skills, so now she can go out into the world and knit, knit, knit!

So the big question is what my next project will be…I am going to start on a pair of Bella mittens for myself. This will be pair number three! I am going to buy some larger needles since my stitches have been rather tight and I am such a newbie that I just bought what needles the pattern said and didn’t check my gauge. After finishing my mittens should I start on the whisper cardigan? Or should I go for broke and try the zig zag tunic??!?! Or should I just try those simple cabled mittens that Subliminal Rabbit created?