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Happy April! April 4, 2012

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Leah says:

We have entered what I hope to be Spring without any snow and with refreshingly coolish temperatures ahead.  Welcome Spring!  Though we in the GTA can’t really complain at all about the winter we had, it was the mildest in years and literally snow-less, I am happy to see that Spring is now official.  I’m also happy to see my tulips and lilies coming up in the front garden bed.  I’m so eager to get outside and continue to create curb appeal to our home.  It really needs it and while the work seems endless, I’m really  enjoying it thus far.

Now on to the knitting side of things.  There’s good news and bad news.  The good news is, guess what?  I finished the afghan!  Woot Woot!


And here on it’s new home:

I do apologize for the quality of these photos, they’re taken with my iPhone and the lighting is always wonky.

I’m thrilled with it.  It was such an easy knit (basket weave stitch) and was great to watch movies (after movies, after movies, after tv shows) with it on my lap.  And its WARM.  It ended up taking 13 skeins of Patons Tweed Wool in chestnut and I’m really happy with the colour and how it blocked.  At long last, what has taken about a year from the time I purchased the wool to completion, we have an afghan.

And now for the bad news.  I knit the cutest hat for my friend’s new baby but didn’t swatch it and it’s gigantic.   What do you think?


Good Luck Bear is trying it on for size and it’s way too big for him.  I love the pattern and how it turned out, but sheesh!  I just don’t know what to do with it.  I wanted the snowflake pattern because the little one was born in February, but maybe I can give it to her next Christmas for next winter.  Right now I’m knitting baby mitts and another hat for her.

I’ll leave you with this next picture, we’ve had a very warm spell in March and during one of those gorgeously warm days, Justin and I went on a hike in Dundas, at Spencer Creek Park.  This is of Websters Falls:

Love that he even caught the rainbow the mist caused at the base of the falls.

Here’s to many more warm Spring days ahead!


The Neverending Afghan March 2, 2012

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Leah Says:

I just can’t finish this Afghan.  It’s been a month and a half and I just ran out of yarn last night.  Will need 2 more skeins which will take the number of skeins up to 12!  Plus, my friend had a healthy baby girl (I was SO wrong, I was sure it would be a boy!)  and I haven’t even started her gift yet.  Good thing baby’s are small so I won’t be spending a truck load of time knitting my little presents.   Can’t wait to meet the newest addition to her gorgeous family, either.

Other things I have been up to since my last post, are:

1. Last weekend we took Friday and Monday off and travelled to Huntsville to visit some good friends of ours and partake in some winter activites.  We snowshoed in Arrowhead Provincial Park:

We skied /snowboarded at Hidden Valley Ski Hill.  Can I just say since the area had close to a foot of snow dumped on them on Friday, we had simply the best ski conditions we’ve had all season?

It truly was a winter wonderland all weekend long. Sad that we had to drive 4 hours north to get some decent winter conditions, but there you have it.

2. I’ve been training for a 5 km race coming up this Sunday!  My sister and I are competing in it, and no, I do not plan on running with her, running in front of her, since I plan on beating her!  We are a little competitive and share a friendly rivalry when it comes to sports.  She usually has me eating dust when we cycle together. Anyone out there have any tips for a 5 km run?

3.  I did not successfully complete my detox.  I had a terrible bout with food poisoning and was down for the count for close to a week, which caused me to have this horrible relationship with food, especially fish, that’s still slightly in place.  So that alone killed the detox.  I’m eating clean now, mind you.

4. I’d like to give a shout out to fellow Cool Girl Emily- she is celebrating 5 years with her lovely husband tomorrow!  Woot woot!

5. TGIF, baby!

My Knitting Caused a Fight! March 26, 2009

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Leah says …  Well not so much a fight, more of a snap. Picture this: Sunday night, J and I watching one of his favourite movies, Goodfella’s. I had never seen it before and what ample opportunity to get a good chunk of my knitting done, right? So of course, if any of you have seen Goodfella’s you would understand that there are a lot of characters and it is brilliantly made so that you can’t really miss a scene. I thought that by just listening to the movie while knitting and purling my baby blanket that I would get by without missing anything. Then when a certain small character gets killed, my head snapped up to the tv, and I declare, “Wait, what? When did Samuel Jackson appear in the movie?! Why did they just kill him?!” And J’s response; “Well if you stopped knitting and actually watched the movie, you would have seen where he was introduced and why he just died!!!” And I looked at J, with my big eyes and said, “Oh.” He was right. And that was the end of our little arguement, if it was even an argument. I think Justin has now accepted that I am determined to finish the projects I am working on while watching tv and movies (when ELSE am i going too, right?!) and I have accepted that I am going to miss a lot while I knit.

And it was SUCH a good movie. I’m sorry I gave away Samuel Jackson’s character getting killed, to those who haven’t seen it, but man, was I ever impressed. It has the longest ‘one take’ scene- it is SO beautifully done. I love Martin Scorcese!

Baby Blanket: Half way done!

[site maintenance] March 11, 2009

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Cheryl says… I’m playing around with the blog today.

Actually, I’ve hijacked it, so apologies if you have trouble getting on to it or if it looks a little wonky.

This blog is probably going to change its appearance 20 times today.


Things I Learned This Week March 10, 2009

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Emily says… 1. re: gusset mistakes I have made in the past: There is no sense in dwelling on them but MAN do I wish I could fix them now!!!

2. Lace work is just as fun as cable knitting! I have started a lace cotton scarf and it is a joy to knit!!! I have almost finished the first ball of cotton and it is going to be soooo long and pretty when it is done! I am impressing myself with every stitch.

3. Apparently I am inspiring other knitters to branch out from scarves! My friend Nathalie has made a pair of Bella Mittens and they look sooo good! I will have to take a photo to show you her awesome work. It made me happy because I inspired her to try something new and now she has learned that she can impress herself too!

Happy knitting!

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly March 3, 2009

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Leah says… Bad news: I hate knitting mittens. I am having a whole bunch of ‘bugger off’ moments and I had to rip out almost an entire mitten’s worth of work because I was doing it wrong. I have taken a hiatus from mitten patterns until I calm down.

Good News: I have started my mothers shawl, which is not nearly as scary as I thought! I love the wool, I love the pattern: Moda Dea Fahionista Knit Shoulder Wrap LM0260. It’s lace work, but so far so good! Oh- except that the yarn had been cut and was tied back together and it came undone in the middle of my knitting, but I wasn’t far in, so it was easy to start over.

Bad news: I am sinking into a pool of projects- my list just keeps getting longer and longer.

Good news: I asked to be invited and have joined ravelry today! LOVE it!

Ugly news: I’m home sick today with a cold. I have been doing so well this winter. I usually get sick in December and when December passed without so much as a sneeze I thought I was in the clear. I was wrong.

Good news: I am watching my favourite soaps, sipping tea, dozing, and knitting today. Apart from the nastiness of Benelyn and the fact that I sound like a man, that’s not so bad, is it?

Len’s Mills and I February 16, 2009

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Leah says…

1st) I joined the two wool threads together successfully, everyone. It is called felting, I think. it is very very cool.

2nd) I am in Fergus for the weekend and visited “Len’s Mills” in Cambridge. It is a huge factory outlet and being a new knitter, I need to take every opportunity to buy bargain wool and stock up on supplies. Today, I bought the yarn I’m going to knit my mother’s shawl with, an easy shawl pattern (<– for free!) Wool for my kerchief I’m knitting for myself where I am learning how to increase and decrease stitches, wool for my boyfriends mother’s knitted item- she picked it out, for herself, it is a small case to keep her camera flash in… she is an amazing photographer, and of course some extra wool that I fell in love with.

3rd) I may become a knitting addict. Thank god for my weekly ‘knitters anonymous’ circle with Emily and Cheryl.

Going Continental February 12, 2009

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Leah says … Hi, Knitters! I am currently knitting continental style, or left handed as it also is called as of yesterday afternoon, on my lunch break!! Check out you tube for very clear instructions. If you search under “knitting continental stitches” I’m sure you will find some very handy videos. Seeing as I am a new knitter, I think I’m going to adopt this style of knitting. I find it thrilling to do! I know it’s silly, but can I just express to everyone, including my fellow knitting friends Cheryl and Emily, how exciting knitting is for me? I have the tendancy to get very excited over little things in life and I hate that saying “Small things amuse small minds”. You should see me when a vacation is booked or I get a surprise present I wasn’t expecting. (Thanks for the straightening iron, J!)

Now on to my next knitting lesson: I have finished my first ball of wool and need to start another. I was talking to a fellow at work and he says that there is a way to rub the two threads together and the wool will actually bind together to form one strand. I will definitely blog about that if I learn it’s true and actually manage to do it. That’s pretty cool, and as our blogging title states, I am a cool girl who knits. Kick it! 😛

Hi! February 6, 2009

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 And welcome!

We are Cheryl, Emily and Leah – three enthusiastic knitters from Toronto. Hope you enjoy our blog!