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Autumn Colours October 23, 2012

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Leah Says:

Happy halloween!  Summer came and went like it usually does; in a blur!  But we have had a lot of fun stuff happen to us this summer and fall- weddings and babies is all I’m going to say!  And with the cooler days, comes that friendly old feeling.  You know the one.  The yearning to hold needles and lovely soft yarn in front of the tv, playing a good movie, while sipping tea… THAT friendly old feeling. I succumb to it every year around now.
What have I been up to lately?  Loads and loads!  I’ve been a bit nutty at a crazy busy office, so only recently I was able to get my knitting christmas present list down and sorted out.  Plus, Justin’s sister gave me her stash!  You heard me.  Her beautiful gorgeous stash is sitting, tauntingly in my spare room.  I’ve already knit a lovely scarf with some of it so far:


This is of course a Christmas present for someone special! The yarn was Baby Alpaca, bulky, so soft and glorious.  I really do enjoy knitting with bulky yarn.

Cheryl also gave me some skeins of her yarn she had lying around, and I popped out one of these cuties:

I think this one takes the cake for cutest item I’ve ever done.  I’ve been meaning to make brothers and sisters for our lonely pumpkin, but alas haven’t had any time.

Happy thanksgiving and happy Halloween!


April Snow Does Not Bring May Flowers, Mother Nature April 23, 2012

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Leah says:


We have 2 cm of snow in our forecast, and we are the lucky one’s!  Further north is expecting 25 cm.  You know, it’s not that I don’t like snow, I love it.  I love winter, Justin and I have snowshoes and skis and snowboards and we are always eager to put them to good use!  I just like snow in Winter.  Not in April.  Not at the END of April.  After a snow-less winter.  This just isn’t right. *End rant

What is right, is the hat and mitten set I finished knitting for my friend’s new baby girl, I was so convinced would be a boy.  Shows what I know.  Ta da:


I loved how the yarn knitted up in the mittens.  This will be sent shortly to my friend and her growing family.

Cast on are two new projects.  One is a baby hat for another dear friend who is expecting a boy at the end of April (any day now!) and… my very first sweater.  I’m almost finished the back but I may need to rip it out because I cast on medium and it is looking REALLY small. I checked my gauge, but I’ll knit the back and see how it measures up.  The pattern is from Vogue Knitting Fall 2011 and is really easy.  It’s funny, I always thought knitting sweaters was a whole other ball park that I was just not ready for…. but it’s pretty easy!  I know the tricky part for me will be fitting it all together, since my tension tends to change slightly when I work on a garment.

For all you Southern Ontarian’s: Bundle up! It’s looking chilly out there.


Happy April! April 4, 2012

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Leah says:

We have entered what I hope to be Spring without any snow and with refreshingly coolish temperatures ahead.  Welcome Spring!  Though we in the GTA can’t really complain at all about the winter we had, it was the mildest in years and literally snow-less, I am happy to see that Spring is now official.  I’m also happy to see my tulips and lilies coming up in the front garden bed.  I’m so eager to get outside and continue to create curb appeal to our home.  It really needs it and while the work seems endless, I’m really  enjoying it thus far.

Now on to the knitting side of things.  There’s good news and bad news.  The good news is, guess what?  I finished the afghan!  Woot Woot!


And here on it’s new home:

I do apologize for the quality of these photos, they’re taken with my iPhone and the lighting is always wonky.

I’m thrilled with it.  It was such an easy knit (basket weave stitch) and was great to watch movies (after movies, after movies, after tv shows) with it on my lap.  And its WARM.  It ended up taking 13 skeins of Patons Tweed Wool in chestnut and I’m really happy with the colour and how it blocked.  At long last, what has taken about a year from the time I purchased the wool to completion, we have an afghan.

And now for the bad news.  I knit the cutest hat for my friend’s new baby but didn’t swatch it and it’s gigantic.   What do you think?


Good Luck Bear is trying it on for size and it’s way too big for him.  I love the pattern and how it turned out, but sheesh!  I just don’t know what to do with it.  I wanted the snowflake pattern because the little one was born in February, but maybe I can give it to her next Christmas for next winter.  Right now I’m knitting baby mitts and another hat for her.

I’ll leave you with this next picture, we’ve had a very warm spell in March and during one of those gorgeously warm days, Justin and I went on a hike in Dundas, at Spencer Creek Park.  This is of Websters Falls:

Love that he even caught the rainbow the mist caused at the base of the falls.

Here’s to many more warm Spring days ahead!

Two Little Monkeys…. April 7, 2010

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Leah says … Baby knits are truly amazing for the following reasons:

1. A little yarn goes a long way- got half a skein of that gorgeous yarn left over in your stash? Booties!

2. They are so cute.

3. New parents love hand knit items for their babies more than that toy that makes alarm sounds and talks in what is thought of as English, but one can’t really be sure.

4. If the baby keeps the knitted item on long enough, there’s lots of room for photo op’s.

Although I’ve knit a blanket already, I’ve added these two things to the baby knit’s list:

 Booties and a hat!


These were knit last minute as J and I were heading out of town to visit friends of J’s who have year old twins. We spent two days with them, but they had my heart after about a minute of seeing them. Don’t get any ideas- I’m not even close to having or wanting a baby for myself. But those twin babies rolling and crawling and cooing had me at hello. And if I ever decide to embark on the baby train, I’m calling J’s friends for advice. These new parents of twins, although of course it can get chaotic, have their daily routines down to a science. The Mom and Dad are happy- the babies are happy- the babies are sleeping, the Mom and Dad are sleeping- And while I was singing my praises, chatting with the mother, she was very grateful, but she did warn me that no routine came without a price. It sounded like a LOT of work to get that routine established. But I’m very happy for them and their new family, and I wish them all the best! And I can’t wait to play with their twins again. 🙂

Project baby blanket is coming along. It is 220 stitches cast on and I just finished my first skein last night- the blanket is only 5 inches long. The pattern is asking to go to 41 inches- so I need to get more yarn. It’s acrylic, so it’s not breaking the bank, but I think it will take about 9 skeins to complete. Also, in the lace panel it is knit 4 together- now THAT is a challenge. And with acrylic yarn, I have been heard cursing lately, but its worth it! It’s turning out to be a really cute blanket.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! March 17, 2010

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Leah says… I’m not even a teeny tiny bit Irish, but Happy St. Patrick’s day to all of you who are! My brother, as I mentioned earlier, and his girlfriend are in Ireland for a year and he emailed to say everyone in Galway, where he is living, has been drunk since Sunday. I will definitely try to have a green beer today!

 As for my knitting, well, I finished this!

Actually, I lied, it’s not finished, I’m going to knit more into the neck as it keeps slipping off when I wear it. Yup- I can WEAR it in MARCH because it’s so freakin warm out! Yesterday was truly balmy, I kid you not! I’m loving this weather, as long as Spring in March doesn’t mean Winter in April- then Leah will be very blue. I like my seasons to happen during the months dedicated to them!!!!

 Anyway- what’s next for the knitting queue? As soon as I finish an easy scarf, I’m starting this….

 A baby blanket for C and T’s baby boy, T is due in June! The pattern is free from ravelry and this weekend, I’m going with J’s Mom and sister to yarn shop and I’ll start it hopefully on the weekend.

‘Project- Economical Knitting’ has been going very well. I love one skein patterns! I think I’m going to knit some coasters with leftover linen wool (loooooooove linen wool) and some more cowls as well. They will be my peace of mind when I’m bored with the blanket.

Olympic Fever February 18, 2010

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Leah says:  Knitters- Can I tell you how much I love the olympics?  Yes, I agree that CTV coverage is a bit mucky.  CBC did a much better job in past olympics.  And yes, England has the right to call it “Calamity Games” did anyone see those horrible spills the women took on the alpine track yesterday?  OUCH!  I’m hoping they are all ok, especially the Romanian who was airlifted off the slope!  But considering all that- there’s nothing wrong with a world competition, is there?  And it being the winter olympics and all I’m feeling the intensity of the games, the sadness when olympians fall and the joy when they win.  Those who know me know I’m a very competitive person and this is the ultimate competition!  I’m glued!
Meanwhile, of course, I have been knitting up a storm since I’m watching more tv then I usually do.  Here are Valentine’s  weekend projects: 

A cowl for my Mom:

 and a bookmark (one of many) for my sister.  I’m currently knitting a hat with a skull on it for Justin, and that is taking no time at all and looking so cute!  All patterns, of course, are free from Ravelry.  As i mentioned earlier, I’m trying to knit the yarn I have, hence dinky projects like the bookmarks!

Go Canada! Go Olympians!  Go Knitters!

Christmas presents a success! January 20, 2010

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Leah says … Happy 2010, knitters!! I completed all my knitted presents before Christmas. Ok, I lie, all but one- socks for my dad. Those are coming up, after I knit bella’s mittens again for my aunt:

I was going to attempt my first pair of lace gloves, found in vogue 2009 autumn magazine- they are gorgeous! But the yarn I’m using (louet gems worsted weight) is way too thick and the lace looks super funky. This makes me really sad because, as you know, I’m trying my best at learning something new with each project and the challenge of knitting 5 fingers is sooo tempting! Anyway, my Dad’s socks are my first sock project, so I’m really looking forward to that.

I have finished a cable-tastic cap, also from Vogue fall 2009 issue- and have sworn off aluminum dpns forever. FOREVER! Never again! Wow, are they a headache to knit with or what? The fact that they’re 2 dollars/pair and bamboo are 10/pair is why I bought them in the first place, but nothing is worth the stress of watching them fall to the ground, unleashing my stitches to their own demise. The cable-tastic cap? Gorgeous! After blocking and fixing the gazillion droped stitches it turned out. I love it! This is for my aunt along with a trellis cable scarf. Trellis cables don’t use cable needles, they look like tiny little twists. Pictures coming soon, I promise.

By the way- a friend of mine has started sewing knitting bags- She gave one to me for Christmas and I get a ton of compliments on it and absolutely love it. It’s big enough to fit 16″ straight needles and my knitting tool bag and a ball of yarn, it’s so handy. She wants to start selling them- I will keep you posted. Pictures to come soon. Until then, you can have a look at these pics- there are a few projects I still need to snap- but bear with me. Soon, I will be up to date, soon!

Happy knitting!



Crunch Time October 27, 2009

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Leah says … That’s right. Christmas is less then two months away. It’s time to get down to business. Firstly, here is my brother’s girlfriends scarf to take with her to Ireland. They leave TONIGHT at 10:30 pm for a year. It is all a bit crazy and surreal. I can’t believe I won’t see my brother for a year! Good Luck, Brother! Anyway, I digress….

I still have about 8 presents to knit. I’m almost finished a couple of them. AND I found cute little ornament patterns to knit in Knit Simple Holiday 2009 magazine- they are sooo cute. I’ve knit about 5 ornaments already. I might attach an ornament to each present, but that is if I finish them pronto!

Since my last blog, I have learned a few things. They are:

Magic Loop (LOVE IT!)
Cables (LOVE THEM!)
Icord (it’s ok. I kind of think its annoying and I have no clue why.)

I have very successfully knit my first pair of Bella’s mittens. I say 1st pair as I am definitely going to knit them again. I’m halfway through a project for my sis with this super bulky yarn that I’m in desperate love with. It is so nice to knit with. I can’t stop touching it. (Dirty!) I’d also like to knit an afghan. That will be my Winter project. That will be for ME. This whole ‘knit all my presents’ thing is very consuming, but I truly am loving knitting them. I can’t wait to see everyone’s face when they see what their item is.

Also- another digression- I’m going to New York City for New Years Eve. We are flying on aeroplan and renting an apartment for 4 nights. I am saving every sheckle for that, and am beyond excited. Anyone know any knitting stores in New York City I have to stop at?

Peace out!

My Yo-Mat July 8, 2009

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Leah says … It’s done! Well, it was done about two weeks ago, but all you knitters know what summer is like.

This bag is ok. It works. That’s why I knit it. It does what I need it to do. Nuff said. The yarn is from some store on Queen that Emily went to, she gave me this yarn, so ask her about it. It is tres fab. LOVED knitting with it.

Next on the list is a christmas gift for another friend, but I’m stumped! It’ll probably end up being a funky scarf.

C to the U-TE May 13, 2009

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toddler gloves1

toddler gloves2

Leah says … Aren’t they adorable? I’m not the type of person to swoon over baby clothes and toys and things, but these…? They have been making me coo and caw ever since I knit the 1st centimetre. The little thumbs! The little palms!!

There is a bit of an issue with the thumb on the right hand- the left hand is great, but for some reason the right hand thumb gusset didn’t come out the same. I even knit the right hand mitten again and it came out the exact same. I can’t wait to see them on the recipient, a two and a half year old sweetheart, soon to be a big sister!

Next I am thinking of taking Marri’s advice and knitting with cotton and linen, seeing as I really hate not working on a project. And I just found an easy and gorgeous table runner pattern knit with linen that can make a nice gift for my Momsie for Christmas.

My new dream? To move to Niagara-on-the-Lake and open a knitting store. And be a wine connoiseur. And act at the Shaw Festival. Happy Knitting, and Happy Long Weekend!