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Autumn Colours October 23, 2012

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Leah Says:

Happy halloween!  Summer came and went like it usually does; in a blur!  But we have had a lot of fun stuff happen to us this summer and fall- weddings and babies is all I’m going to say!  And with the cooler days, comes that friendly old feeling.  You know the one.  The yearning to hold needles and lovely soft yarn in front of the tv, playing a good movie, while sipping tea… THAT friendly old feeling. I succumb to it every year around now.
What have I been up to lately?  Loads and loads!  I’ve been a bit nutty at a crazy busy office, so only recently I was able to get my knitting christmas present list down and sorted out.  Plus, Justin’s sister gave me her stash!  You heard me.  Her beautiful gorgeous stash is sitting, tauntingly in my spare room.  I’ve already knit a lovely scarf with some of it so far:


This is of course a Christmas present for someone special! The yarn was Baby Alpaca, bulky, so soft and glorious.  I really do enjoy knitting with bulky yarn.

Cheryl also gave me some skeins of her yarn she had lying around, and I popped out one of these cuties:

I think this one takes the cake for cutest item I’ve ever done.  I’ve been meaning to make brothers and sisters for our lonely pumpkin, but alas haven’t had any time.

Happy thanksgiving and happy Halloween!


The Neverending Afghan March 2, 2012

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Leah Says:

I just can’t finish this Afghan.  It’s been a month and a half and I just ran out of yarn last night.  Will need 2 more skeins which will take the number of skeins up to 12!  Plus, my friend had a healthy baby girl (I was SO wrong, I was sure it would be a boy!)  and I haven’t even started her gift yet.  Good thing baby’s are small so I won’t be spending a truck load of time knitting my little presents.   Can’t wait to meet the newest addition to her gorgeous family, either.

Other things I have been up to since my last post, are:

1. Last weekend we took Friday and Monday off and travelled to Huntsville to visit some good friends of ours and partake in some winter activites.  We snowshoed in Arrowhead Provincial Park:

We skied /snowboarded at Hidden Valley Ski Hill.  Can I just say since the area had close to a foot of snow dumped on them on Friday, we had simply the best ski conditions we’ve had all season?

It truly was a winter wonderland all weekend long. Sad that we had to drive 4 hours north to get some decent winter conditions, but there you have it.

2. I’ve been training for a 5 km race coming up this Sunday!  My sister and I are competing in it, and no, I do not plan on running with her, running in front of her, since I plan on beating her!  We are a little competitive and share a friendly rivalry when it comes to sports.  She usually has me eating dust when we cycle together. Anyone out there have any tips for a 5 km run?

3.  I did not successfully complete my detox.  I had a terrible bout with food poisoning and was down for the count for close to a week, which caused me to have this horrible relationship with food, especially fish, that’s still slightly in place.  So that alone killed the detox.  I’m eating clean now, mind you.

4. I’d like to give a shout out to fellow Cool Girl Emily- she is celebrating 5 years with her lovely husband tomorrow!  Woot woot!

5. TGIF, baby!

Scarves = too much time and not enough fun March 17, 2009

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Emily says... So I am going back on my scarf policy again. I had decided never to knit another scarf because they take so long. But then I started to do lacework. And it was sooooo fun! And rewarding! Every stitch went along to a pattern that was creating leaves and vines and it was all so pretty!

It stopped being fun this afternoon. I am now on my second ball and I just really want to wear this scarf already!!! I know it will all be worth it in the end, but I am growing more and more impatient….so no more scarves after I am done this one!!!

Things I Learned This Week March 10, 2009

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Emily says… 1. re: gusset mistakes I have made in the past: There is no sense in dwelling on them but MAN do I wish I could fix them now!!!

2. Lace work is just as fun as cable knitting! I have started a lace cotton scarf and it is a joy to knit!!! I have almost finished the first ball of cotton and it is going to be soooo long and pretty when it is done! I am impressing myself with every stitch.

3. Apparently I am inspiring other knitters to branch out from scarves! My friend Nathalie has made a pair of Bella Mittens and they look sooo good! I will have to take a photo to show you her awesome work. It made me happy because I inspired her to try something new and now she has learned that she can impress herself too!

Happy knitting!

Mission: Completed! March 2, 2009

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Emily says… I had yesterday off work and I gave myself a goal to complete one of the Maggie Armwarmers. Cheryl had picked me up some of the fabulous Cotton Ease yarn and I was determined to complete this project before the end of the weekend. I was successful! Here is a beautiful photo of my left mitt! It hasn’t been blocked yet but I am pretty darn proud of myself. If you haven’t tried the pattern yet, you should! It is so much fun to knit and goes by really quickly. As usual, I had issues with the gusset and ended up knitting it instead of purling it, but I will just do the same on the right mitt to be consistent.

Cheryl also picked me up some Cotton Ease in this gorgeous purple/pink colour that I am considering making into a scarf. I know that I had previously sowrn off scarves forever, but I made a cute little neckwarmer to go with my Bella Mittens and it knit up so quickly that I might be swayed to take scarf orders again 🙂

I Heart Long Weekends!! February 16, 2009

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Emily says… So this weekend has been uncharacteristically busy. Friday night we went out to the Bier Market downtown and then Saturday night we went over to our friends Lindy and Buddy’s house for dinner. Much alcohol and delicious food was consumed so we had two somewhat lazy days recovering! The main thing we took away from Saturday night was our strong desire to go to Nepal after hearing of trekking trips Lindy and Buddy took in Northern India a few years back. I guess we will see how those plans go….

So back to knitting! Thursday night we had a very productive knitting evening! Here are some lovely photos of us in all our knitting glory.

Our new little knitter Leah learned how to purl and how to read a basic pattern so these new skills will take her very far in the land of knitting. I had warned her not to get too ahead of herself with choosing yarn until she learned these two skills, so now she can go out into the world and knit, knit, knit!

So the big question is what my next project will be…I am going to start on a pair of Bella mittens for myself. This will be pair number three! I am going to buy some larger needles since my stitches have been rather tight and I am such a newbie that I just bought what needles the pattern said and didn’t check my gauge. After finishing my mittens should I start on the whisper cardigan? Or should I go for broke and try the zig zag tunic??!?! Or should I just try those simple cabled mittens that Subliminal Rabbit created?

So Excited !!! February 9, 2009

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Emily says… So I was checking out raverly, looking for a good spring cardigan pattern when I stumbled upon the new issue of Interweave Knits. This is the Spring 2009 issue and it will be coming out at the end of this month. It has the sweater I am looking for in it!!! I am going to Europe in June and I was looking for a cute cardigan that I could throw over a tanktop or a tshirt and would be cute and casual. I think that the “Whisper sweater” would be amazing! And hopefully it will be a challenging pattern that would keep me occupied for a few weeks.

Also in this issue is a pattern for a zig-zag tunic that looks amazing. The thought of how much the wool would cost is a little mind-boggling, but I’m worth it, right? Maybe I need to start a little “wool fund” for all these projects 🙂 So for now, I have February 24th circled on my calender so I can remember to pick up the new magazine….woo hoo!

Bella’s Mittens … Take Two February 8, 2009

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Emily says … So I was sitting there on a Saturday afternoon organizing my knitting projects. Unlike Cheryl, I tend to become obsessive and sit and knit until they are completely finished.

I started knitting in December. It was a scarf for Chris and took me almost 2 weeks…..in garter stitch….and it’s not very long at all.

Since then I have knit 8 hats (only two of which I consider wearable) a kerchief, 2 pairs of mittens and 2 more scarfs.

The most excited I have been about knitting was the Bella Mittens. I gave the first pair to my sister-in-law and right now I am knitting another pair for a daughter of my mom’s friend who loves Twilight too. This was the progress last night on the first mitten:

I finished it an hour ago and right now it is blocking. I am going to give myself a little break before I start on the second mitten. This is the wool I am using:

I love this wool so much because it is so silky and smooth and feels so nice on your hands as you knit! I plan on knitting a pair of these for myself in the same charcoal colour.

The next project up for me is some fingerless gloves. These are also from Subliminal Rabbit. I tried them in the leftover wool I have from my first Bella Mittens and they looked great but I ran out of wool. I think I might make them in cotton so I can wear them in the early spring that seems to be on the (not so near) horizon here in Toronto.

Emily’s Projects February 7, 2009

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Cheryl says … in two months, Emily has completed more projects than I have in three years!  Clearly, she’s kicking my butt.

This cute kerchief is a great beginner project. You can find a pattern here.

I love this hat. You should feel the yarn – it’s so soft and pretty. Hats are my nemesis. They always come out too small. I wear them anyway, and they end up giving me headaches.

Anyway, keep it up Em!!

Bella’s Mittens February 6, 2009

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Emily is our resident Twilight fanatic, so of course her first major project would be a pair of Bella’s Mittens. Here she is modeling them – with a little help from Aoife.  Not bad for a gal who’s only been knitting for two months, huh?