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Friday Night … February 7, 2009

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Cheryl says … ok.  So it’s Friday night and I am staying in.  I promised the girls I would stop with the frantic blogging but I have one more thing to say:

I am super excited.  My book arrived in the mail today!

I was  standing in my apartment with my new book in hand a couple of hours ago, when my phone rang.  It was my friend.  We were supposed to go out tonight.

This is how the conversation went:

FRIEND: Hey, Cheryl.  Is it ok if we reschedu-
FRIEND: Oh. Um… Ok?
CHERYL: Oh, I don’t mean that in a bad way.  I just, I uh.. I’ve got some things to do and uh.. I’ll. Yeah.  Talk to you later.


Yikes.  I should probably call her up and apologize.  That’s no way to speak to a friend now, is it?  This is my curse: I get distracted easily.  But in my defense, this is a super cool book.  And just what has gotten the ever-intellectual Cheryl so excited?

Perhaps a little Nietzsche?
Maybe some Foucault?
Or how about a little Tolstoy?

No, no and no.

It’s the iron-on book I ordered from Sukie!!

You should see this thing.  It’s got 30 pages of supercute iron-transfers, and they go on everything: pillows, t-shirts, bags…..

I’m. SO. Excited!

From now on everything I wear will have some sort of cute animal on it.  Oh man, this is great.

Social life – who needs you?!