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Two Little Monkeys…. April 7, 2010

Posted by cheryl in Finished Projects, Hats, Leah.

Leah says … Baby knits are truly amazing for the following reasons:

1. A little yarn goes a long way- got half a skein of that gorgeous yarn left over in your stash? Booties!

2. They are so cute.

3. New parents love hand knit items for their babies more than that toy that makes alarm sounds and talks in what is thought of as English, but one can’t really be sure.

4. If the baby keeps the knitted item on long enough, there’s lots of room for photo op’s.

Although I’ve knit a blanket already, I’ve added these two things to the baby knit’s list:

 Booties and a hat!


These were knit last minute as J and I were heading out of town to visit friends of J’s who have year old twins. We spent two days with them, but they had my heart after about a minute of seeing them. Don’t get any ideas- I’m not even close to having or wanting a baby for myself. But those twin babies rolling and crawling and cooing had me at hello. And if I ever decide to embark on the baby train, I’m calling J’s friends for advice. These new parents of twins, although of course it can get chaotic, have their daily routines down to a science. The Mom and Dad are happy- the babies are happy- the babies are sleeping, the Mom and Dad are sleeping- And while I was singing my praises, chatting with the mother, she was very grateful, but she did warn me that no routine came without a price. It sounded like a LOT of work to get that routine established. But I’m very happy for them and their new family, and I wish them all the best! And I can’t wait to play with their twins again. 🙂

Project baby blanket is coming along. It is 220 stitches cast on and I just finished my first skein last night- the blanket is only 5 inches long. The pattern is asking to go to 41 inches- so I need to get more yarn. It’s acrylic, so it’s not breaking the bank, but I think it will take about 9 skeins to complete. Also, in the lace panel it is knit 4 together- now THAT is a challenge. And with acrylic yarn, I have been heard cursing lately, but its worth it! It’s turning out to be a really cute blanket.



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