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Happy St. Patrick’s Day! March 17, 2010

Posted by cheryl in Finished Projects, Leah.

Leah says… I’m not even a teeny tiny bit Irish, but Happy St. Patrick’s day to all of you who are! My brother, as I mentioned earlier, and his girlfriend are in Ireland for a year and he emailed to say everyone in Galway, where he is living, has been drunk since Sunday. I will definitely try to have a green beer today!

 As for my knitting, well, I finished this!

Actually, I lied, it’s not finished, I’m going to knit more into the neck as it keeps slipping off when I wear it. Yup- I can WEAR it in MARCH because it’s so freakin warm out! Yesterday was truly balmy, I kid you not! I’m loving this weather, as long as Spring in March doesn’t mean Winter in April- then Leah will be very blue. I like my seasons to happen during the months dedicated to them!!!!

 Anyway- what’s next for the knitting queue? As soon as I finish an easy scarf, I’m starting this….

 A baby blanket for C and T’s baby boy, T is due in June! The pattern is free from ravelry and this weekend, I’m going with J’s Mom and sister to yarn shop and I’ll start it hopefully on the weekend.

‘Project- Economical Knitting’ has been going very well. I love one skein patterns! I think I’m going to knit some coasters with leftover linen wool (loooooooove linen wool) and some more cowls as well. They will be my peace of mind when I’m bored with the blanket.



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