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Oh I’m sorry, I couldn’t hear you with all the cheering that’s been going on. GO CANADA! March 2, 2010

Posted by cheryl in Hats, Leah, Scarves.

Leah says: Did you guys see that hockey game, Canada vs States for the gold medal or what?  I was out there in the middle of it at Yonge and Dundas in Toronto- sang the anthem about 16 times, nursing a very sore throat this morning, and am so proud of my country.  You American hockey players sure didn’t make it easy.  Tieing the score with 20 seconds left of the game… come on!  I think I had about three minor heart attacks during the overtime. 
Anyways, back to knitting!  Check out what the Leah’s Olympic knits have produced:  Whaddaya think of Justins new hat?  Cute, huh? 

And a cowl scarf for his Mom- this edging is called picot edging and is so cute and easy to knit.

  Right now, Operation: Knit all my yarn, save money! Is proving to be a success.  I’m knitting a poncho with some yarn my mom gave me. It’s acrylic and twisty.  I hate it.  But it looks nice, and I have oodles of it, so I’ll suffer. 
I’m probably going to be popping out a ton of knitted items while I go through olympic withdrawl.  I already am so sad the games are over!!




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