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Olympic Fever February 18, 2010

Posted by cheryl in Finished Projects, Leah, Scarves.

Leah says:  Knitters- Can I tell you how much I love the olympics?  Yes, I agree that CTV coverage is a bit mucky.  CBC did a much better job in past olympics.  And yes, England has the right to call it “Calamity Games” did anyone see those horrible spills the women took on the alpine track yesterday?  OUCH!  I’m hoping they are all ok, especially the Romanian who was airlifted off the slope!  But considering all that- there’s nothing wrong with a world competition, is there?  And it being the winter olympics and all I’m feeling the intensity of the games, the sadness when olympians fall and the joy when they win.  Those who know me know I’m a very competitive person and this is the ultimate competition!  I’m glued!
Meanwhile, of course, I have been knitting up a storm since I’m watching more tv then I usually do.  Here are Valentine’s  weekend projects: 

A cowl for my Mom:

 and a bookmark (one of many) for my sister.  I’m currently knitting a hat with a skull on it for Justin, and that is taking no time at all and looking so cute!  All patterns, of course, are free from Ravelry.  As i mentioned earlier, I’m trying to knit the yarn I have, hence dinky projects like the bookmarks!

Go Canada! Go Olympians!  Go Knitters!


Socks! February 7, 2010

Posted by cheryl in Leah, Socks.

 Leah Says: Ah ha! Thanks to Emily and to youtube, I have successfully completed my first sock! I got past the heel flap- sometimes I read wayyyyy too much into a pattern. I’m well on my way to finishing the other one. The yarn, Classic Elite Fixation Solids, has a lot of elastic in it and it makes for some really comfy socks! Justin, (my lovely foot model here) has placed an order for a pair. These are for my Dad. I had no idea what to knit him, and socks just seemed to make sense. I hope he likes them! Love you Dad!

Next up is a small and easy cowl scarf for my Mom, that is just finishing up the yarn I used for her capelet. Money is a little tight right now, so I’m trying to be economic in my knitting for the next little while. Then I’m on to a baby blanket. This one is going to be a doozy, the pattern has K4tog’s!!! I have the worst time with the k3tog’s, so there may be some curse words that may be heard while I get the hang of that. The baby blanket is for friends of mine, C and T- I went to New York with them for New Years Eve this year and T is expecting a boy in June! For the colour I’m thinking something bold and not baby-ish. Like a deep purple or red or something.

Anyway- I’ll be finishing the other sock today while Justin and I watch bits and pieces of the superbowl. The bits and pieces will probably be the commercials and half-time show. 🙂 I’m not a football fan and neither is Justin!

Knitting rocks my socks!


More christmas projects to share! And a question on sock knitting… February 2, 2010

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Leah says … Here are some other knitting christmas presents I made. These are the Maggie armwarmers from Subliminal Rabbit:

A Table Runner from a magazine with linen (love the look of linen wool!)

 and placemats for my mom with mercerized cotton. and placemats for my mom with mercerized cotton.

 and placemats for my mom with mercerized cotton:

I’m proud of myself! There are a few that I still don’t have picutres for yet they are, a pillow (my Mom is sweing it together for me) and another set of toddler armwarmers (exact same as the ones I did posted some time in May I think.) and I can truly say I honestly enjoyed knitting them, hiccups and all. The yarn for kara’s pillow was this super gorgeous chunky yarn, Twinkle by classic elite soft chunky, and my fingers were so happy to knit it- except that it was close to $30.00 a skein, and the pillow took exactly three to knit! Poor bank account! 😦

A question for you sock knitters out there. I am knitting my first pair of socks for my Pops, and after kntting the cuff and leg of the sock, I’m a little confused. These are the instructions, word for word, on the pattern:

“Heel Flap: Work 31 sts in patt, hold on N1 (heel will be worked on N2 and N3.) ”

Ok, I got that- there are three needles the stiches are on, needle one I just continue in the leg pattern, no problem.

“1 (RS): Sl1, (k1, p1) rep to end of heel
2(ws): Sl1, (p1, K1) rep to end of heel.”

Ok, heres my question: This “row 2 Wrong Side” thing- how is that possible on dpns? Aren’t I always knitting on the right side? And actually I have another question. If I always slip the first stitch, then that stitch never gets knit and it’ll start to stretch out and I don’t think thats right. Anyone have any thoughts? Am I clear on what the problem is? I might be missing something about sock knitting, I think. Actually, here’s the link to the pattern:


Please feel free to comment if you know the answer. The socks are knit with cascade yarns fixation solid, REALLY stretchy and soft. I really hope they turn out, it seems like an easy pattern to start sock knitting.

Here’s to the January blahs being almost over! Knitting sure does help with those!

Your faithful knitting blogger,