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Crunch Time October 27, 2009

Posted by cheryl in Finished Projects, Leah, Scarves.

Leah says … That’s right. Christmas is less then two months away. It’s time to get down to business. Firstly, here is my brother’s girlfriends scarf to take with her to Ireland. They leave TONIGHT at 10:30 pm for a year. It is all a bit crazy and surreal. I can’t believe I won’t see my brother for a year! Good Luck, Brother! Anyway, I digress….

I still have about 8 presents to knit. I’m almost finished a couple of them. AND I found cute little ornament patterns to knit in Knit Simple Holiday 2009 magazine- they are sooo cute. I’ve knit about 5 ornaments already. I might attach an ornament to each present, but that is if I finish them pronto!

Since my last blog, I have learned a few things. They are:

Magic Loop (LOVE IT!)
Cables (LOVE THEM!)
Icord (it’s ok. I kind of think its annoying and I have no clue why.)

I have very successfully knit my first pair of Bella’s mittens. I say 1st pair as I am definitely going to knit them again. I’m halfway through a project for my sis with this super bulky yarn that I’m in desperate love with. It is so nice to knit with. I can’t stop touching it. (Dirty!) I’d also like to knit an afghan. That will be my Winter project. That will be for ME. This whole ‘knit all my presents’ thing is very consuming, but I truly am loving knitting them. I can’t wait to see everyone’s face when they see what their item is.

Also- another digression- I’m going to New York City for New Years Eve. We are flying on aeroplan and renting an apartment for 4 nights. I am saving every sheckle for that, and am beyond excited. Anyone know any knitting stores in New York City I have to stop at?

Peace out!



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