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Luke’s hat for the Green Isle and Other Thoughts on Knitting September 24, 2009

Posted by cheryl in Hats, Leah.

Leah says … My brother and his girlfriend are travelling to Ireland and the UK for a year leaving at the end of October. After I dealt with my raging jealousy issues, that he can just get up and go like that, I decided to knit him and his girlfriend little items to keep them warm this winter. Although I hear that Ireland in the winter just rains a lot, maybe this will still come in handy. AND this means they won’t be here for the holidays, so they will still get some presents, at least. The patterns are from, you guessed it, SnB. The scarf is the basketweave stitch scarf from SnB Nation which I LOVE. I know, I KNOW I need to move AWAY from the Stitch N Bitch books. And I fully intend to do that, but a) I was ill and bored a couple of weeks ago and b) That is one thing about SnB I love- I can find an easy ‘knit in a few hours’ pattern that uses up all the yarn I have.

Next up, I’m knitting one of my dearest friends the Bella’s Mittens pattern from Subliminal Rabbit. Everyone else in our Knitting Circle has, so its time for me, too, and I’ll get to finally learn my cables and the magic loop. PLUS I have this Alpaca wool from the KW Knitters Fair that I got for super cheap that is gorgeous.

THEN I’ll be knitting with linen for the first time which I

m actually excited about. (I’m SUCH a flippin knitting dweeb. That honestly excites me. Knitting with linen yarn. Whatever!!!!) I found this grogeous table runner on ravelry with scalloped edges, and that will be for the bf’s cute parents for Christmas.

I recently reread our early blogs on here and realized I have done some serious damage to my to do list I posted way back in February! Great satisfaction, that.

I’m stumped on what to knit my Pops for Christmas. Anyone have ideas for knitted gifts for Dad’s?????



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