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Hi, my name’s Leah. You may remember me from such Blogs as… September 16, 2009

Posted by cheryl in Leah.

Leah says … I have completed another yoga mat bag BUT this one is for my friend for Christmas. She is in to yoga and I think she’d probably use hers more then I use mine. I actually read the whole pattern this time and noticed I was supposed to use two strands together for the strap, so this one is better and stronger then mine. It’s ok, that’s how presents are supposed to be, right? I’m almost done knitting an oh so easy Moms Sophisticated scarf (from SnB Nation) for my brother’s gf, they are travelling Ireland for a year and I’d like to help keep them warm in the winter months! That is almost done. I have also knit my first hat for my brotrher and J has put in an order for that too. I have been doing lots of knitting, but not lots of blogging. Photo’s and blog on that coming soon!

Also, I had the best time of my life this past Saturday September 12th. Why? Kitchener Waterloo Knitters Guild Knitting Festival!! We all drove up there and drooled to our hearts content and made off with some amazing deals. You know how Carrie Bradshaw drools over Manolo’s? Well that was us over the bundles and bundles of yarn and knitting tools. If you went, those girls you heard saying, “ohhhhh ahhhhhhh ooooooooo” and blissfully sighing loudly…. that was us!

Next project I am finally learning the cables!



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