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1 dropped st scarf, 1 pair of mittens and an ipod cozy are complete. Coming up next- yoga mat bag! June 2, 2009

Posted by cheryl in Leah, Work in Progress.

Leah says… It appears I have not slowed my knitting down with the arrival of warm weather. Ummm, well living in Toronto, I can’t really say that warm weather has arrived actually, more like; made an appearance. But still, I knit on! I have completed my first christmas present, the mittens and drop stitch scarf are for a friend.


I hope that friend doesnt read this blog, but she might, so lets hope if she does she doesn’t know they are for her, and if she does know, then maybe she’ll forget by Christmas time. Anyway, one present is done. Now I’m knitting a yoga mat bag, which I am very excited about. That’s because I have bought this Passport to Prana yoga pass- google it, would you, it is such a fantastic deal!!! I’ve started yoga classes! So I’ve got my yoga mat, and in SnB Nation, there is a pattern for a bag to fit it called “Om Yoga Mat Bag” – it seems to measure VERY big (11″ diametre- who has a yoga mat that thick, huh?) so I’m knitting it to fit my own bag. (4″ in diameter)

As for the toddler mittens- the designer, bex at Colourful Designs saw the pics on my ravelry account and asked to use pictures of them on her design page of her website, cool, huh?

After the yoga mat bag, I’m back to knitting presents- two table runners (made out of linen wool, easy for summer knitting yay!!) and then, ah, gee, who knows? It is bicycle season, so J and I will be out a lot this summer, hopefully!

Stay tuned for yoga mat pics coming soon to this blog that’s hopefully near you!



1. J - June 25, 2009

Where’s the yoga bag picture? Oh yea…I guess we need to take the pictures… next project….dust covers for our bicycles?

That’s like what…a day or two of work?


2. Leah - June 25, 2009

I haven’t sewn on the strap yet. I’ve been knitting so slowly! Bicycle dust covers you say? Well you DO have a birthday coming up.

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