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Leah’s Sanity: In tact. May 7, 2009

Posted by cheryl in Finished Projects, Leah, Shells & Wraps.


10 mm needles: Not broken in a small tantrum I may or may not have thrown
Patons Soy Wool Stripes: Almost used up
Spiderweb capelet: Blocked and on my Mom’s shoulders

Leah says … I have successfully completed the capelet. Do you like it? I really do like it. It’s not perfect, the front doesn’t really match up and that’s why poor Mom has to hold that one piece but when she’s not holding it, it looks fine. And I think she looks nice in it! Sweet ole mumsie. Happy early Mothers Day!


Next project I have cast on is Toddler Armwarmers. This time I am learning to knit with dpns and small ones at that, 2.75 mm, with 4 ply yarn. I love how wee everything is, I think they are going to be pretty cute! The pattern is free from ravelry, if you search for Toddler mittens it is called Toddler Colourfull Mittens by Bex at http://www.colourfuldesigns.com So far I really like the pattern, it is pretty easy to follow. Emily told me when I first started knitting, to do “exactly what the pattern tells you to do”. So when I get confused I remember that, re-read the instruction and manage my way through it. The pictures do help me, though!

I wonder what I’ll do when it starts getting warmer out and I won’t be knitting as much. It makes me sad to think about it. I’m going to have to find a way!



1. cheryl - May 7, 2009

Leah, this looks AMAZING. And the yarn is perfect!

I wasn’t too crazy about the capelet when I saw it in SnB Nation, but seeing it now ….

I think I might have to add this to my queue!

2. marri - May 7, 2009


summer knitting IS possible. here’s a hint: try cotton and/or linen!

3. jamie - May 8, 2009

Gorgeous!! Congrats on a beautiful day to show it off 🙂

4. Leah - May 8, 2009

It looks so fancy, huh? It really suits my Mom. I’ve received a couple of orders already. 😛 Wait until you guys see the toddler armwarmers- so so so so cute! I’ve almost finished one.

5. Phyllis - November 1, 2009

Is there any chance that this pattern will be for sale? I sure hope so…

6. Leah - February 10, 2010

Hi Phyllis- this pattern is found in Stitch N Bitch Nation Book (by Debbie Stoller), called Spiderweb Capelet. Once you get the hang of it, its a breeze to knit! Good Luck!

7. Lou - February 10, 2010

Oh I love it, it’s going on my “to do” list

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