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SnB has wonky patterns!!!! April 28, 2009

Posted by cheryl in Accessories, Leah.

Leah says … I’m knitting the Spiderweb Capelet found in SnB Nation book. I first knitted it according to the erratta. This is no good. On ravelry, another member who had knit the same capelet was praising the erratta and suggesting that future knitters of the spiderweb capelet projects should use it. It looked so bad. There was no blocking that could save it. It was way too long on one side, it decreased very suddenly and caused a lot of stress tyring to get it right, so my first attempt was frogged. Now, I’m knitting it again, not via the erratta, and it is working out, so far. I have to count the stitches mercilessly, though, and I wish on the pattern at the end of each row it would specify exactly how many stitches should be on the needle bBecause there are yarn overs and the lacework can get very tricky. I shall post pictures soon of my work in progress.There is one row that is to be the bain of my existence. It states I should “K1, k1 without dropping st off needle, yarn over. p1 without dropping st off needle, yo, and then I repeat that again., So I have discovered what it is I am to do, but wow wow wee wow- it is rough.


In the meantime, I knit J a iphone cover, which is pretty cute, Here it is. I learned how to change colour, that was fun! I’m not sure I did it right, but it looks good, so cheers to me.

Happy Knitting!



1. marri - April 29, 2009

huh. i knit that capelet without KNOWING errata existed, and it came out fine.

2. Leah - April 29, 2009

Yah, see? I knit it using the errata and it didn’t look like the pattern at all, it looked pretty dinky. It’s row 4 that is the difficult one. So far, based on the original pattern, it looks great, as long as I count my stitches.

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