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My Knitting Caused a Fight! March 26, 2009

Posted by cheryl in Blankets & Afghans, Leah, Random, Work in Progress.
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Leah says …  Well not so much a fight, more of a snap. Picture this: Sunday night, J and I watching one of his favourite movies, Goodfella’s. I had never seen it before and what ample opportunity to get a good chunk of my knitting done, right? So of course, if any of you have seen Goodfella’s you would understand that there are a lot of characters and it is brilliantly made so that you can’t really miss a scene. I thought that by just listening to the movie while knitting and purling my baby blanket that I would get by without missing anything. Then when a certain small character gets killed, my head snapped up to the tv, and I declare, “Wait, what? When did Samuel Jackson appear in the movie?! Why did they just kill him?!” And J’s response; “Well if you stopped knitting and actually watched the movie, you would have seen where he was introduced and why he just died!!!” And I looked at J, with my big eyes and said, “Oh.” He was right. And that was the end of our little arguement, if it was even an argument. I think Justin has now accepted that I am determined to finish the projects I am working on while watching tv and movies (when ELSE am i going too, right?!) and I have accepted that I am going to miss a lot while I knit.

And it was SUCH a good movie. I’m sorry I gave away Samuel Jackson’s character getting killed, to those who haven’t seen it, but man, was I ever impressed. It has the longest ‘one take’ scene- it is SO beautifully done. I love Martin Scorcese!

Baby Blanket: Half way done!



1. Jen - March 27, 2009

How about trying the radio? I wish there was a story reading station on 24/7. Would be perfect. My husband gets mad when I knit in the car, cause he likes it when I do my running commentary on things I see out the window. And usually car knitting is too complicated to look up…Love the finger puppets!

2. Leah - March 30, 2009

Ha ha! Thanks for the radio suggestion, I do knit while listening to the radio, and it does help a lot. If you want, you could try audiobooks, then you could ‘read’ while you knit, three cheers for multi-tasking!

3. Leah - July 5, 2009

I should mention this small bit of info- When I asked about Samuel Jackson, it was the third or fourth time I had asked about what was happening. He wasn’t just snapping at me the first time I asked. He is actually very patient. And cute!

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