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K1 P1 K1 P1 March 10, 2009

Posted by cheryl in Blankets & Afghans, Leah, Work in Progress.

Leah says… Fellow knitters, I am knitting my first baby blanket! So far, I only had to rip it out once! That is a good sign, as I seem to be adapting the ‘learning of knitting lessons the hard way’ attitude**. But this is a present for a good friend of mine who is expecting in May, and I can’t go and give her a knitted item for her 1st baby with mistakes in it, now can I? I’m working onthe seed stitch and it is 126 stitches cast on so to K1 P1 for 126 stitches in a row for 20 rows can make my brain mush.

My train of thought while I have been knitting this is: “Did I just knit or purl? Did I just knit two in a row? That’s wrong. So I have to knit now… no, I have to purl, I mean… or knit?” Sigh

As for my mitten frustrations- they are happily knit. Brian doesn’t have them yet and they are very funny looking and I laugh a lot when I see them, but I am proud and it is another completed project, with just one mistake in them. (That’s noticeable, of course.)

** My mother’s shawl- remember that? RIPPED OUT. ON HOLD. It was the wrong yarn for the pattern and was curling up at the edges and looked nice but…. was wrong. The best thing in the world about ravelry is I can search the wool I have and all the projects that people have knit with that exact type of wool come up, and there are tons of shawls and cute cardigans I have already queued. I’m waiting until next month to buy myself the proper needles. (My budget for knitting this month is done and I’m buying myself a new bike at the bike show this weekend, hopefully.)

This is Leah, your friendly knitting blogger, signing off.



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