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The Neck, Shoulder, Chest and Belly Warmer February 24, 2009

Posted by cheryl in Finished Projects, Leah, Queued Up, Scarves.

Leah says … Disaster averted: The scarf project is finished. Wool manufacturers breathe sigh of relief after nearing critical shortages…

Ta da! My first knitted item- a scarf- WITH FRINGE is complete. Isn’t that cool? (But it took a long time- it is 50 stitches across! Yowza!) Can I tell everyone how gleeful it was to make fringe? It’s so easy and it gives this scarf so much character. Don’t look too closely, though, or you will see my mistakes. And another gleeful moment: Binding Off. There is something very satisfying in seeing your knitted piece without knitting needles sticking through!

Next on the list is almost finished as well- the camera flash case. I just have to sew on velcro pieces for the flap, et voila. Pictures of that will be next! Also, I started but have not finished a kerchief. This is where I learned to increase stitches. It was my Oscar Night knitting project. It looks great! It is also the first time I have knit 100% cotton yarn and I really like it. Boy does that yarn really grip the aluminum needles, or what? It hangs on for dear life!

My 17 year old cousin called me GRANDMA today because of my new found love of knitting. Guess who is NOT getting a beautiful knitted piece this year for Christmas? I am a Cool Girl Who Knits!



1. emily - February 24, 2009

Way to go Leah!!!

2. cheryl - February 24, 2009


Looks Great!


3. Leah - February 26, 2009

Thanks! I am truly proud of it! Wait until you two see my camera flash pouch and kerchief!

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