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Hello Fellow Knitters! February 10, 2009

Posted by cheryl in Leah, Scarves, Work in Progress.


Leah Says … I have been knitting since Feb 5th, 2009. I am about a third of the way through a scarf for my boyfriend, who, in his sad realization that he has lost some of me to knitting, is gaining a really nice scarf that goes with everything he has!

I knit in the car, on the ttc, on my lunch break and while watching tv. I am similar to Emily in that I can’t seem to stop knitting until the project is completed. I hate ripping out because I feel like it is knitting that has been lost forever! I had to endure my first ‘rip out’ this weekend. I held up my work for my parents and Justin to see and ‘lo- there is a huge hole about the size of my index finger, in the middle of a row about 6 rows back. And if it weren’t for my mother who said, “Let me have it” once we spotted the horrible void, I would still have this gapping hole. This thought entered my mind- “Maybe I could make the same mistake every ten rows so it would make a pattern. In fact, it probably is a stitch that I just haven’t learnt yet, OR maybe I actually created a new sticth!” I sadly looked on as my Mom ripped out 6 rows and fixed the gaping hole.

And this is the question I wanted to blog about in the first place. Does anyone know how to do that finger slip thing with the wool? Cheryl, do you know? My Mom said that a friend of hers does it and it makes knitting go by so much faster. And seeing as I am only a third of the way through my scarf, any help along the way is much appreciated. I think it’s your left index finger that has the wool wrapped around it and when you put the right kneedle through, you hook the wool around it… I know it might be complicated to describe on a blog, but I looked on you tube for it but didn’t find anything.

Stay tuned.. and happy knitting!




1. marri - February 10, 2009

check youtube for video instructions on how to knit continental style or combination style if you knit english style. i am a hardcore english style knitter but i hear continental is much faster if you take the time to learn – and it involves that finger-looping bit you describe!

2. Leah - February 11, 2009

Thanks, Marri! I will definitely check it out and post what I find.

Happy knitting to you!

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