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Bella’s Mittens … Take Two February 8, 2009

Posted by cheryl in Emily, Mittens, Work in Progress.

Emily says … So I was sitting there on a Saturday afternoon organizing my knitting projects. Unlike Cheryl, I tend to become obsessive and sit and knit until they are completely finished.

I started knitting in December. It was a scarf for Chris and took me almost 2 weeks…..in garter stitch….and it’s not very long at all.

Since then I have knit 8 hats (only two of which I consider wearable) a kerchief, 2 pairs of mittens and 2 more scarfs.

The most excited I have been about knitting was the Bella Mittens. I gave the first pair to my sister-in-law and right now I am knitting another pair for a daughter of my mom’s friend who loves Twilight too. This was the progress last night on the first mitten:

I finished it an hour ago and right now it is blocking. I am going to give myself a little break before I start on the second mitten. This is the wool I am using:

I love this wool so much because it is so silky and smooth and feels so nice on your hands as you knit! I plan on knitting a pair of these for myself in the same charcoal colour.

The next project up for me is some fingerless gloves. These are also from Subliminal Rabbit. I tried them in the leftover wool I have from my first Bella Mittens and they looked great but I ran out of wool. I think I might make them in cotton so I can wear them in the early spring that seems to be on the (not so near) horizon here in Toronto.



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