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Kiki’s Hat February 27, 2009

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Cheryl says… Every girl needs a cute hat.

And this hat right here… well.  It’s the bees knees if you ask me!

A few years back, fashionistas ’round the globe fell in love with Kirsten Dunst’s beanie in Elizabethtown.


This hat is made out of cashmere, so I’m pretty sure it’s a dream to knit and to wear.

The pattern has been circling interwebs for awhile but what can I say? I’m always a little late to the party.


Hello Sack Boy! February 27, 2009

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Cheryl says … My friend Jenny rules. She went and made herself her very own Sack Boy!

I’m quite proud of her – So proud that I just had to rip this picture off of her Facebook page and share it with you (with permission, of course)!

I especially love the little details she added, like the cute collar and the little key in his hand.

Great job Jenny!

The Neck, Shoulder, Chest and Belly Warmer February 24, 2009

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Leah says … Disaster averted: The scarf project is finished. Wool manufacturers breathe sigh of relief after nearing critical shortages…

Ta da! My first knitted item- a scarf- WITH FRINGE is complete. Isn’t that cool? (But it took a long time- it is 50 stitches across! Yowza!) Can I tell everyone how gleeful it was to make fringe? It’s so easy and it gives this scarf so much character. Don’t look too closely, though, or you will see my mistakes. And another gleeful moment: Binding Off. There is something very satisfying in seeing your knitted piece without knitting needles sticking through!

Next on the list is almost finished as well- the camera flash case. I just have to sew on velcro pieces for the flap, et voila. Pictures of that will be next! Also, I started but have not finished a kerchief. This is where I learned to increase stitches. It was my Oscar Night knitting project. It looks great! It is also the first time I have knit 100% cotton yarn and I really like it. Boy does that yarn really grip the aluminum needles, or what? It hangs on for dear life!

My 17 year old cousin called me GRANDMA today because of my new found love of knitting. Guess who is NOT getting a beautiful knitted piece this year for Christmas? I am a Cool Girl Who Knits!

Hot Pink Scarf February 21, 2009

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Cheryl says … I like to work on this scarf at our weekly Stitch and Bitch.

This yarn is SO pretty. Unfortunately I was hasty and threw out the packaging before I could write down a description.


UPDATE: Ah ha.  It’s Marble Chunky in Rosebush.

Knit Lists and Other Things February 19, 2009

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Leah says … Tonight is our knitting circle, and I am once again really looking forward to it. I am bringing Justin’s scarf to finish, or to get really close to finishing. I’m almost done knitting it and then will learn, from my fabulous “Stitch ‘N Bitch” book, how to make a fringe for his scarf. And in all honesty, I’m very happy to have it be done! It’s a little too wide for my liking, and that is why it is taking some time. I’m so excited to start my next project- A cute little camera flash case (it is actually an Ipod case pattern that I am making in the largest size to fit the flash) and that is for Justin’s mother who is a wonderful person and an amazing photographer. That pattern is also found in the Stitch ‘N Bitch book. It’s small so I’m hoping it will not take me two weeks to knit, like the scarf has. If you haven’t heard of Stich ‘N Bitch and you are a new knitter like me, go get it! It is fabulous! The patterns are amazing, easy and Debbie Stoller, the author, teaches stitches coherently and breaks down codes and abbreviations for you that you would come across on yarn labels and patterns. This was recommended to me by Emily and thank goodness for it!

To help me organize myself and my knitting projects, I have decided to create a list. I am a “To Do” list kind of gal. My favourite part of “To Do” lists? Crossing the items off! I know it looks quite organized, but I really need to jot these things down and have something to reference or else I’ll buy wool twice for one task, and then miss another task completely. Here is my “To Knit” list:

1. Camera flash case for Pat
*I have the wool, tools and pattern
2. Mittens for Roxanne
*I have started these already and have the wool
3. Kerchief for me
*I have the wool, tools and pattern
4. Mittens for Brian
*I need wool
5. Shawl for Mom
*I have the wool, tools and pattern.
6. Scarf for Lou
*I need wool, and Cheryl- I am stealing your pattern from the pink scarf you are knitting now. Love that!!
7. ? for my sister
8. ? for my brother
9. ? for my Dad

I think that should take care of the rest of the year. My Mom’s shawl will probably take the longest.

Love the organization…. love it!!

Cotton Ease February 17, 2009

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Cheryl says … I love working with Cotton Ease.  It knits up beautifully, comes in great colors and best of all, it’s CHEAP. Most stores sell it for less than $5.00/50g ball.

It’s a worsted weight yarn and it’s a blend of cotton and acrylic, which means it’s soft but durable.

I’ve made a couple of scarves and wraps out of this and they are SO comfortable.  I currently have three unused balls in my stash and I’m not  sure what to do with them.  Looks like I’ll have to look for another pattern to add to my ever-expanding queue.

Click  here to learn more about Cotton Ease.

I Heart Long Weekends!! February 16, 2009

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Emily says… So this weekend has been uncharacteristically busy. Friday night we went out to the Bier Market downtown and then Saturday night we went over to our friends Lindy and Buddy’s house for dinner. Much alcohol and delicious food was consumed so we had two somewhat lazy days recovering! The main thing we took away from Saturday night was our strong desire to go to Nepal after hearing of trekking trips Lindy and Buddy took in Northern India a few years back. I guess we will see how those plans go….

So back to knitting! Thursday night we had a very productive knitting evening! Here are some lovely photos of us in all our knitting glory.

Our new little knitter Leah learned how to purl and how to read a basic pattern so these new skills will take her very far in the land of knitting. I had warned her not to get too ahead of herself with choosing yarn until she learned these two skills, so now she can go out into the world and knit, knit, knit!

So the big question is what my next project will be…I am going to start on a pair of Bella mittens for myself. This will be pair number three! I am going to buy some larger needles since my stitches have been rather tight and I am such a newbie that I just bought what needles the pattern said and didn’t check my gauge. After finishing my mittens should I start on the whisper cardigan? Or should I go for broke and try the zig zag tunic??!?! Or should I just try those simple cabled mittens that Subliminal Rabbit created?

Maggie Armwarmers! February 16, 2009

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Cheryl says … check ’em out:

… Just don’t look too closely.  You’ll see all my mistakes!

This is a very easy cable knit pattern.  It’s knit flat and you’ll finish it in no time.  It took me five days to make both of them.

Subliminal Rabbit, we ❤ you!

Operation: Socks February 16, 2009

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Cheryl says … it’s a holiday here in Ontario and I couldn’t be happier.  Yesterday Will and I went to check out the Oakville Lakeshore and saw many pretty things, including this:

Cool, huh?

This weekend has been beyond lazy.  I love it.  The Woodland Shawl has been proving to be a bit of a challenge so I decided to switch gears.

I’m now making socks.

Lots and lots of socks.

I figure this will be a good way for me to master some of the things that I find challenging – like lace knitting, knitting in the round on very small dpns, and gusset shaping.  My first sock pattern comes from Knitty and it’s called Spring Forward.

Here’s my sock so far:


I’ll keep you posted.

Len’s Mills and I February 16, 2009

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Leah says…

1st) I joined the two wool threads together successfully, everyone. It is called felting, I think. it is very very cool.

2nd) I am in Fergus for the weekend and visited “Len’s Mills” in Cambridge. It is a huge factory outlet and being a new knitter, I need to take every opportunity to buy bargain wool and stock up on supplies. Today, I bought the yarn I’m going to knit my mother’s shawl with, an easy shawl pattern (<– for free!) Wool for my kerchief I’m knitting for myself where I am learning how to increase and decrease stitches, wool for my boyfriends mother’s knitted item- she picked it out, for herself, it is a small case to keep her camera flash in… she is an amazing photographer, and of course some extra wool that I fell in love with.

3rd) I may become a knitting addict. Thank god for my weekly ‘knitters anonymous’ circle with Emily and Cheryl.